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Another Year of Playa del Carmen’s Reciclatón

Publicado por SIMCA Desarrollos


In recent years, environmental awareness has increased in Playa del Carmen. Because of this, twice a month the Reciclatón takes place with the slogan #TransformYourBeach.

The Reciclatón began in 2007 thanks to an environment-aware group of people. Step by step, it became more popular because of the positive action of Playa del Carmen’s inhabitants, as well as some entrepreneurs, civil society organizations, and some government institutions.

This year we have the opportunity to keep on fighting for Playa del Carmen’s environmental balance, and reduce our global ecological footprint, by making sure the solid waste we produce is safely recycled and reused.

Reciclatón’s next dates for 2019 have been anounced by the Environment and Climate Change Management of the Solidaridad municipalty.


reciclaton fechas


Keep in mind that is always preferable to reduce our solid waste before recycling. Nevertheless, having options such as the Reciclatón, which ensures a good way to recycle solid waste, is a great opportunity to take responsibility of our consumer habits.