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The importance of a concierge in a condo hotel


Investing in an apartment with its own amenities is always a good option, since it allows you to enjoy spaces such as a gym, pool, or spa, among others. However, when you invest in Singular you get a particular business model: an apartment and hotel suite at the same time, with exclusive amenities and the amazing service provided by a concierge, an essential figure that will make your life easier.


The main tasks of a concierge


A concierge is a person who provides service to their guests in order to manage, advise, and facilitate their requirements. In tourist areas such as the Mayan Riviera, it is common for a concierge to be bilingual or have the ability to understand several languages. Plus, they must be knowledgeable about the area, and provide information on restaurants, bars, and tourist sites and activities.

In the same way, a concierge can take care of issues related to the property's management and maintenance, and also, receive residents' mail and parcels. The concierge service is, without a doubt, an added value that makes people's lives easier by solving all kinds of problems more quickly. That way, both owners and tenants of an apartment have fewer worries and can live quietly and comfortably.


The concierge service at Singular


Singular Residence & Hotel is the first chain of condo hotels planned and designed to provide the best experience. Singular condo hotels are located at the heart of Playa del Carmen's nightlife, just steps away from Fifth Avenue, and they boast amenities such as pools with a panoramic view, sky bar, spa, gym, room service, and, of course, concierge service. 

At Singular, we offer a property management service that allows you to turn your property into a luxury hotel that we manage for you, to be rented out and yield you additional income. That's why the concierge service is essential: with it, you can be away, but in touch with the concierge to keep up with your property's status and its maintenance details. Your concierge at the Singular condo hotels will be by your side to take care of anything involving your property. 

Learn more about Singular Hotels and Singular Dream, and purchase both a home and a hotel suite with hotel operation in the Mayan Riviera, which you can rent to obtain high yields.


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