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Conquer your financial freedom by investing in real estate.

By SIMCA Desarrollos



Achieving financial freedom may seem like a difficult goal, if not outright impossible, but you can get there through self-discipline and the right strategy. A more than viable, low-risk option is investing in real estate. Real estate investments can yield you great returns, due to the fact that the property value grows over time. 

We know the future may seem uncertain, and that's why we're so often afraid to make an investment that might bring about a loss. However, investing in real estate is one of the safest options in the face of any economic downturn or recession. Compared to, say, investing in stocks or precious metals, the risk is much lower, since markets like those are highly volatile. 

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A great advantage of investing in real estate is that it allows you to buy property in monthly installments that suit your budget. Plus, you can earn a steady income where your investment has the potential to constantly increase its value and make your net worth grow.

Before investing, we recommend researching the different types of real estate investments; analyze the market trends and select a good property to get better benefits and yields. Keep in mind that real estate can increase in value if it's located in a high-growth area with a sustained increase in demand. 

According to Inmobiliare magazine, in Mexico the best places to invest in real estate are: Queretaro, due to its economic boom and job availability; Mexico City, due to its constant growth and being the country capital; Monterrey, as it is the business capital of north Mexico and very closeVa to the U.S.; Merida, because of its public safety indices and economic stability; and the Mayan Riviera because of its tourism relevance and high demand.*

Within this list, Merida is a standout, as it boasts important real estate projects where the price per square foot is relatively low compared to elsewhere in the country, which makes for better investment returns. 

So, begin considering your investment options in the real estate market and conquer your financial freedom. By choosing the right property you can get, in a short time, high returns through increasing property values. Discover our wide range of properties, payment plans, and special offers, and pick the best investment opportunity. 


*Source: www.inmobiliare.com


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