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Why is it beneficial for you to acquire real estate insurance?

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When the decision to purchase real estate is made, whether it's a lot to build a home or an apartment to live in or offer it for rent, it is convenient to consider the importance of insuring your new property. At SIMCA Real Estate, we are committed to providing you with the necessary information to safeguard any investment you make with us. We tell you why it is beneficial to contract real estate insurance to protect your patromony.


Why is it important to acquire real estate insurance?

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Real estate insurance is a financial protection provided by an insurance company that assists the property owner in recovering their house or apartment, along with its basic contents, in the event of damage or total loss.

In Mexico, there are various types of real estate insurance, and it is important that you identify which one is suitable for you to contract:

  • Damage Insurance: Protects the material assets in the event of an accident on the property or any natural disaster (flood, fire, or even theft).

  • Lease Insurance: Safeguards the property from tenants who may default on rent, services, management, and potential damage caused to the property.

  • Multi-Risk Insurance: Not only protects the structure of the property and its contents in cases of fire, electrical damage, water damage, atmospheric phenomena, aesthetic damage, and theft, among the most significant risks, but also includes coverage for third-party liability as a basic component.

  • Loan Amortization Insurance: Protects the mortgage-related payments, and in case of death, temporary occupational disability, or unemployment, relieves the heirs from the total or partial debt payment (based on the insured percentage).


What are the benefits of acquiring real estate insurance?

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  • Your belongings are secure, meaning your personal items will be protected with an all-risk home insurance.

  • You get structural protection for the property, for example, if your home suffers structural damage during an earthquake or if falling trees from strong hurricane winds affect your property.

  • You have liability coverage, for instance, if your pet bites a visitor in your home, this type of insurance will cover the medical and treatment expenses the person may require.

  • You will receive home assistance, such as plumbing, locksmith, metalwork, and electrical services. With this insurance, in case your home requires assistance, a specialist will be sent to perform the necessary repairs to the property.


Acquire a SIMCA property

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Now that you recognize the importance of purchasing real estate insurance for your future property, it's time to decide which development is perfect for you. Explore our offerings in Merida, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum. At SIMCA Real Estate, we assure you that all our projects feature premium architectural designs, are situated in high-appreciation areas, and offer a top-notch range of amenities.

Acquire a property from SIMCA, and don't forget to secure this significant investment.


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