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Importance of having exercise areas close to your home

Importancia de tener áreas para ejercitarse cerca de tu hogar_01

With the current pace of life in which most of the time we are in front of a screen, it is essential to practice healthy habits that help us avoid a sedentary lifestyle; going for a walk, riding a bike, or going to the gym, are activities that we must do regularly if we want to ensure good physical and mental health.

Learn more about the importance of physical activity in your daily life and have areas to exercise near your home.


Importance of physical activity

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Practicing physical activity regularly brings great benefits to our physical and mental health: it improves the mobility of our muscles and joints, favors our cardiovascular health, helps us to maintain adequate weight, reduces stress, regulates anxiety, and improves the quality of our sleep. It also helps us to prevent diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, and osteoporosis.

Now that we are about to start a new school year, it is the perfect time to start healthy habits as a family, take advantage of the return to routine and allocate a few minutes of the day to go for a walk or practice a sport with your children, no doubt it will bring great benefits to your health and likewise, you will help your children to achieve skills, attitudes, and values that will serve them during their school years.


Benefits of exercising from an early age

Importancia de tener áreas para ejercitarse cerca de tu hogar_03

Learn about the great benefits of regular sports practice for children and adolescents' development.

  • They develop and acquire basic motor skills.
  • They acquire values such as friendship, healthy competition, respect, and perseverance.
  • Improve hand-eye coordination, which is important for reading and writing.
  • They develop all their muscles and body joints.
  • Strengthen their creativity by facing different game situations and designing their strategies.
  • Improve their neuromuscular development at the moment of jumping, throwing, running, etc.
  • Acquire decision-making skills. Strengthen their emotional skills when managing different situations and challenges.


Exercise without leaving home

Importancia de tener áreas para ejercitarse cerca de tu hogar_04

One of the best habits that families can promote in their children is the practice of physical activity, so it is important that near your home there are adequate spaces for you and your family to take care of your health while practicing a sport without having to leave home.

Get to know SIMCA's developments and invest in a home that has the right spaces to exercise, in all our residential projects we offer amenities that will help you encourage the practice of physical activity in your whole family to continue taking care of their well-being and, of course, enjoy the time you spend together.


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