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Living near a golf course is more beneficial than you think

By SIMCA Desarrollos

Vivir cerca de un campo de golf es más beneficioso de lo que crees-portada-blog

If you are looking for a new home and you enjoy golfing, this information is for you. You are about to discover the home of your dreams: a residential development whose amenities include a golf course the whole family can enjoy. Today we're going to tell you about some of the perks of living near a golf course, in a community with shared aspirations, hobbies, and lifestyles.

1. Extensive green areas

Vivir cerca de un campo de golf es más beneficioso de lo que crees-01-blog

Nowadays, planning new residential developments involves carefully planning green areas for homeowners to enjoy. Residential developments with a golf club, also known as golf club residentials, include seemingly endless greenery, which provide beautiful views that will fill your life with light and harmony.

2. A variety of amenities

Vivir cerca de un campo de golf es más beneficioso de lo que crees-02-blog

Within these communities you will surely find, in addition to the golf course, a wide variety of activities to do. These types of residential developments also offer a clubhouse with amazing amenities the entire family can enjoy, such as a swimming pool, event hall, a restaurant and bar, a gym with sauna, and sports grounds, among others.

3. Constant maintenance

Vivir cerca de un campo de golf es más beneficioso de lo que crees-03-blog

A golf course requires rigorous, specific maintenance. That's why the development is always looked after and kept in the best conditions, not only when it comes to the course itself, but also the every other available amenity. That way, the beauty of the facilities and the properties' value are preserved.

4. Privacy

Vivir cerca de un campo de golf es más beneficioso de lo que crees-04-blog

These types of residential developments are private and exclusive, so you get the advantage of living in a safe community with 24/7 surveillance, entry and exit controls, and a quiet environment. Plus, a golf course requires plenty of space, so there’s guaranteed to be plenty of distance between neighboring homes, which offers a more private lifestyle than traditional neighborhoods or housing complexes.

5. Rising property value

Vivir cerca de un campo de golf es más beneficioso de lo que crees-05-blog

A golf club residential complex features a number of unique qualities that raise property value, aside from the golf course itself, like the select amenities that enhance the quality of life of its inhabitants. A property within a development such as this not only offers you a dream home, but also an excellent investment opportunity that can bring you long-term benefits should you decide to rent or resell the property in the future.

Discover Provincia Residencial

Now that you know some of the advantages of living near a golf course, we encourage you to find out more about Provincia, a private, family-friendly golf club residential, with a nine-hole lighted course that also gives you the flexibility to play day or night. Provincia sits at the forefront of the residences & golf concept, so you get an exclusive, fun and unique lifestyle where you will enjoy endless benefits and amenities designed to cater to the whole family. Find out more about Provincia and live life just steps away from the golf course.


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