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Endémico Industrial Park: Make your business's working life easier


In life, there comes a time when we start to have priorities and to look for the perfect balance between work, personal life, leisure, and family. This may sometimes seem impossible, but you can achieve it with SIMCA. Our catalog includes the perfect place for you to find the balance that your life needs. We're talking about Endémico Industrial Park, the perfect place to set up your business and make your working life easier.


Working life in Endémico


Endémico is found in the Mérida-Hunucmá industrial corridor, a prime location where companies of great industrial caliber can already be found. It offers access to several main roads, making it easy to get there from any point in the city of Merida or Puerto Progreso.

At Endémico you'll have everything you need, as it boasts amenities and services that offer the perfect balance for personal and professional growth. Highlights include the Commercial Area (a space designed to help companies connect with their customers), a trailer park, business center, multipurpose rooms, bathrooms with lockers and showers, spa, a terrace with pool, and a grill kitchen, among others.

If you enjoy working out, you can make use of the gym and the various sports grounds available: paddle, tennis, basketball, and seven-a-side football courts, for example.  If you have children, you don't have to worry: the clubhouse at Endémico offers a childcare center and playground, so that your children can have fun and stay safe while you work.

These and other benefits are what you’ll find at the Endémico facilities.


Invest and work in an Industrial Park


Endémico Industrial Logistics SME Park is a multipurpose space where 456 lots serving different purposes coexist in harmony, custom designed to improve industrial performance.

In addition to its amenities and services, this Industrial Park offers unbeatable infrastructure that allows for the improvement of any business's operations, such as a low- and medium-voltage electric power grids, fiber optics, internet, natural gas lines, drinking water service network, concrete roads, and much more.

Learn more about this business model and invest in Endémico, the place that can bring balance to your work life.


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