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Endémico SME Park: Invest in Yucatan's industrial development



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Yucatan is experiencing great momentum in industrial development, as it is attracting large investments towards the best market niches. Endémico SME Industrial Logistics Park is making the most of this scenario to offer spaces that will allow businesses in all sectors to grow and succeed. Discover the factors that are fostering Yucatan's industrial development, and why Endémico is the best venue for your investment.

Yucatan's industrial real estate sector is strengthening by the day, and that's because large investors, both domestic and international, have decided to move their businesses and begin new projects in this state. Great examples are Amazon and Walmart, which have recently opened local logistic centers.

This interest in investing in Yucatan is mostly due to the state's economic strength and the incentives the government is offering investors. Other factors involved in these decisions are the state's security and geographic location, as it boasts ground, air, and sea connectivity to the rest of Mexico and the world, especially the United States and Europe.

Endémico SME Industrial Logistics Park incorporates these advantages in offering a multipurpose space for 456 custom-designed lots, meant for different uses, to coexist in harmony and improve industrial performance.

This Industrial Park offers unbeatable infrastructure that improves on any business's operations, such as a low- and medium-voltage electric power grids, fiber optics, internet, natural gas lines, drinking water service network, concrete roads, and much more.





Plus, it boasts amenities and services that offer the perfect balance for personal and professional growth. Highlights include the Commercial Area (a space designed to connect companies with their customers), a trailer park, business center, multipurpose rooms, bathrooms with lockers and showers, spa, gym, sports grounds, a terrace with pool, and grill kitchen, among others.

Finally, the most outstanding thing about Endémico is, without a doubt, its location, since it is located in the Mérida-Hunucmá industrial corridor. This privileged location is home to heavyweight industrial businesses, besides offering access to main roads.

All of these features make Endémico the best place to invest in Yucatan and make your business grow. Join the rest of our investors in making the most of the the industrial development incentives offered by the state and lead your business to success. Find out more about Endémico and begin your own industrial or business project in Yucatan.

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