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Factors that could cause your property to lose its value, and how to fix them

One element that guarantees that your property's value will continue to grow with inflation and the real estate market is appreciation: the value your property gains over time. Thanks to appreciation, your property's value continues to grow as time goes by; however, there are factors that could diminish it. Find out what the enemies of appreciation are, and how to prevent them from getting to your property.

1. Insecurity and/or violence


One of the most important elements to consider before investing in property is location. The best possible location for a property usually depends on its planned use. However, when it comes to homes and residential areas in general, the area's safety is crucial for a better quality of life. Before you buy, make sure to research the area, and choose a location that suits your needs.


2. Lack of nearby services


Services and attractions near your property will become a fundamental slice of your everyday life. When a property is near hospitals, schools, shopping areas, restaurants, supermarkets, and tourist attractions, its long-term appreciation is all but guaranteed. A good idea before investing is asking your real estate advisor about the development plans for the area in question, as well as the availability of services. Never hesitate to ask questions and to carry out research on your own.


3. Lack of maintenance


One of the most common reasons why properties lose their value over time is lack of maintenance, especially when it comes to properties that are only used part-time. Properties need to be inspected regularly to make sure there are no issues such as leaks, termites, service interruptions, etc. To take this off your hands, a good solution is hiring a property management service to take care of your property and keep tabs on its maintenance while you're not using it. That way you can take proper care of your property and make sure its value grows instead of decreasing.


Invest with SIMCA Real Estate and ensure your property's appreciation


Never worry about any of these issues when you invest in one of our properties. At SIMCA Real Estate we have a wide range of property options in high-vaue areas in cities such as Merida, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum. As of today, we have more than 27 finished projects that vouch for our quality, each of them timely delivered to meet the expectations of each of our more than 2,000 investors. Plus, if you invest in one of our Mayan Riviera properties, our sister company Happy Address offers you top-of-the-line property management and vacation rental services, which will allow you to get returns on your investment.

Get in touch with one of our executives, and find out more about our developments and services. Trust the number one real estate company in southeast Mexico and secure a property with unlimited appreciation potential.


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