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Invest in a residential lot before the end of 2022—There's still time!

By SIMCA Desarrollos


Purchase a residential lot before the end of the year and make the most of property value gains. Get your start in the realm of real estate investment with a guaranteed option that has already succeeded: Blanca Residencial, a first-rate modern residential development especially designed for the newer generations.

Blanca Residencial has everything you could possibly need: peace, comfort, and security. That's why it's so popular among young couples and families, and why it's become one of SIMCA's most successful developments.


Lots within Blanca are 420 m2 (4,520.84 sq ft) and distributed in five private clusters. The development also boasts a privileged location that guarantees property value gain and high investment returns. Blanca is in Kikteil, just ten minutes north of the city of Merida, with easy access to the beaches of Progreso and Chuburna.

Blanca offers amenities such as a swimming pool with a semi-Olympic channel, sports grounds, a clubhouse, large parks, a shopping area, extensive green spaces, 24/7 security, a perimeter fence, and a single access, controlled by guards and surveillance cameras. 


Invest in 2022 and make money in 2023


Blanca is an excellent option to invest, especially if this is your first investment in the real estate market, as it ensures you'll get returns in the future thanks to property value gains. 

The results of Blanca's success are clear: the early stages sold out quickly and their luxury residential lots' value increased by 100% from 2017 to 2021: their starting price was 750 MXN per square meter and, by 2021, they were valued at 1,500 MXN per square meter.

That means that, if you invest before the year ends, you'll be able to profit off the property's value increase starting in 2023 and in years to come, as Blanca's worth continues to grow. Purchase your residential lot in 2022 and increase your ROI! Blanca Residencial is a profitable option for any investor. 

Learn more about this development and get a quote on your own lot; there's still time to invest and make money with SIMCA!


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