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Invest in Yucalpetén Resort Marina: Your everyday life as you've never experienced it

By SIMCA Desarrollos

Imagine living your usual everyday life, but by the beach, enjoying incredible amenities that will make your day-to-day even more special. By investing in Yucalpeten Resort Marina you'll get to experience a new lifestyle with unforgettable experiences. Discover what this residential project by the Yucatecan coast can add to every aspect of your life: 


1. Work life

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By living at Yucalpeten Resort Marina, you no longer need to be at the city to work. This development's Residential Area has a Business Center from which you can organize your work life; it's the perfect place to work remotely, facing the sea. And if you need to hold a business meeting, you can host your associates and make use of the valet parking, the parking area or the event room. Here you'll have everything you need to close a deal successfully.


2. Healthy life

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In this development you can also maintain a healthy life. Imagine waking up and running on the beach, every morning, feeling the sea breeze. You'll also find a gym equipped with everything you need to stay fit, as well as sports grounds, sporting event area, and a spa so you can pamper body and soul. You can also get into water sports nearby, using kayaks and sailboats.  


3. Family life

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Your family life will also become more special. At Yucalpeten Resort Marina you can create unforgettable moments with your family while you enjoy the many different amenities available.  The Residential Area has a family pool, a children's pool, and a central pool. You'll also find restaurants, kids' and juniors' clubs, a playground, BBQ area, ice cream shops, dining area, etc. And if you want to celebrate your children's birthdays, you can make use of the children's events area.


4. Social life 

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Yucalpeten Resort Marina boasts the best marina in southeast Mexico, with 110 moorings for boats over 40 feet. It's the perfect place to keep your yacht and use it whenever you feel like it. Plus, you can spend your mornings or afternoons with friends at the Commercial Village or at the Beach Club with boardwalk and fire pits, where you can enjoy movies at sea, a snack bar, and much more. 

Find out more about Yucalpeten Resort Marina, and discover why this is the perfect place to live your everyday life like never before. Yucalpeten Resort Marina is the first residential community by the Yucatecan Sea, just 20 minutes from Merida, with apartment buildings and everything you need to live in luxury and comfort 365 days a year. 

Invest in a new lifestyle with experiences that will make your days unique and unforgettable.


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