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La Región: Tradition, community, and peace

By SIMCA Desarrollos

Welcome to La Región, a tribute to Yucatecan life in an urban development. In this residential space, its amenities and services, you'll find everything that Yucatan and its people have to offer: tradition, community, and peace. 

Tradition: Discover the unique Yucatan culture


Yucatan is a state that stands out from the rest of Mexico because of its uniqueness, ranging from its people's distinctive accent to its delicious food. All this is due to the great influence of the Mayan culture and their traditions, which have been passed down generation to generation to this day.

One of the traditions that is still very current in all Yucatecan families is sleeping in hammocks. There is almost certainly at least one hammock in every house. This is what inspired us to include a hammock area within La Región, so you can rest or take a nap, a Yucatecan tradition that you can enjoy in this development. 


Community: Spaces to enjoy together 


In La Región you will also find spaces to spend quality time with those you love the most and to meet new people. The development comprises 107 premium lots ranging from 300 to 650 square meters (3,229 to 6,997 sq ft), with infrastructure that perfectly balances modernity and tradition. 

La Región features unique, first-rate amenities that will bring you peace, community, and entertainment: gym, swimming pool, yoga area, clubhouse, bar, living area, playgrounds for children and adults, central park, soccer and pádel courts, and much more.


Peace: The city of Merida, safe and quiet 


Yucatecans consider that they live in a safe state. According to the 2022 National Victimization and Perception Survey on Public Safety, Yucatan is the Mexican state where people feel most at peace, as 68.5% of the population has a perception of security in the state.

Merida, the capital of Yucatan, stands out especially for the peace and safety its residents enjoy, which makes it an ideal destination to live and invest in the real estate sector. La Región is located north of the city, in an area with plenty of potential for capital gains that is already home to very successful SIMCA projects.

One great advantage is that a few minutes from the development you will find the beaches of the Yucatan coast. Meanwhile, in the city, you can enjoy a variety of cultural events, museums, galleries, bars, and restaurants. 

This is your chance to find out more about La Región and to fall in love with the Yucatecan lifestyle.


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Invest in La Región and enjoy a balanced life