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The amenities at Gran Tulum offer well-being for you and yours



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When you're looking for a second home for you and your loved ones, it's natural to look for a place where everyone will enjoy comfort and well-being. Today, we'd like you to discover Gran Tulum, a development designed with every amenity you need for you and your family to enjoy the best quality of life in paradise.

At SIMCA Real Estate we know how important amenities are, as they provide spaces and experiences that can improve on your lifestyle. That's why Gran Tulum is located at Uno Zero Uno Tulum, the first and only gated community in Tulum that offers direct access to the beach, besides offering amenities of its own.




Uno Zero Uno Tulum perfectly combines luxury, nature, and sustainability. Here, you can enjoy spaces designed for remote work, art and culture, well-being, conviviality, and connection with nature. Most of its amenities and finishes are surrounded by the Mayan jungle while boasting modern, sustainable architecture, including bodies of water, food stations, and commercial spaces.

If Uno Zero Uno Tulum sounds good, wait til you hear more about Gran Tulum. Gran Tulum is a paradisiacal residential development, which takes the best of Uno Zero Uno Tulum and provides additional value through its design and amenities.

Gran Tulum offers 245 luxury two- and three-bedroom apartments featuring a Lock-Off system* that allows you to split the apartment in two so you can use the rooms separately and get even better returns on your investment.




The amenities at Gran Tulum provide its residents with well-being and tranquility; the spa, the children's club, the hammock area, the central pool, the yoga area, the organic relaxation bar, and the community garden are definite highlights.

Live among the jungle, near legendary cenotes, and just a few steps from the beach and the turquoise-blue sea. Gran Tulum is located in an area with limitless property value potential, on Avenida Cobá, on the exit towards the sea, where the gateway to paradise stands tall: Uno Zero Uno Tulum.

This is your chance to invest in Tulum and give your loved ones a second home full of wellness and an unparalleled lifestyle in the Mayan Riviera.

*A system where rooms can be locked off into independent units.

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Learn more about Gran Tulum and download its book