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What is your best option to invest in real estate?

If you're looking for great investment options, southeast Mexico is the choice for you. This is currently one of the most profitable regions to invest in the country, as it includes both Yucatan and the Mexican Caribbean. Choose the best investment option for you according to your needs:


Invest in Yucatan if you are looking for…

Safety and quality of life

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Without a doubt, Yucatan's brightest feature is the security it offers for you and your loved ones. In 2021, Yucatan was ranked number 1 in the Mexico Peace Index, while in May 2022, the entity once again stood out by being the state with the lowest crime incidence rate, according to a report by the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP).

These high levels of security, its economic growth and its infrastructure ensure the best quality of life for you. The capital city of Yucatan, Merida, offers great schools, first-rate hospitals, shopping and sporting centers, parks, green spaces and more.


Residential lots in the best areas of Merida

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In Yucatan, you'll find the best residential lots north of Merida, an area of high capital gain and great urban development. This guarantees high investment returns and a quality assets for more than one lifetime. At SIMCA Real Estate, we offer you excellent investment options, such as gated urbanized developments and luxury residential lots with amenities for the whole family. 

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Amenities vary according to the concept behind the development, but they all offer 24/7 security and a security booth to monitor access. Other amenities you'll find in our developments include:

  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming pools 
  • Hammock area 
  • Yoga area 
  • Gym 
  • Sports grounds
  • Green spaces
  • Event hall
  • Business center 
  • And much more...


Invest in the Mexican Caribbean if you are looking for…

Sun, beach, and great returns 

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One of the great advantages of investing in the Mexican Caribbean is that this is one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico: Cancun, Tulum, and Playa del Carmen attract tourists from all over the world. This, consequently, increases the long-term property value in the area and is a great opportunity to do business and make money through vacation rentals. 

Hotel occupancy in the Riviera Maya is maintained annually above 85%1, even after these two years of pandemic. This means you can invest in an apartment and rent it out while you're not using it, to generate great returns. 


Luxury apartments very close to the sea

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At SIMCA Real Estate we offer luxury apartments to live very close to the sea or with direct access to the beach: two- and three-bedroom units featuring a Lock-Off2 system, so you can split your apartment and rent the rooms separately. 

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We have apartments near Playa del Carmen's Fifth Avenue, which will allow you to live near the trendiest bars, restaurants, and shopping centers. If you prefer something more private and in contact with nature, our apartments in Tulum are the choice for you. Available amenities include:


  • Spa
  • Hammock area
  • Swimming pools
  • Yoga area
  • Organic relaxation bar
  • Community garden
  • Gym
  • Rooftop bar
  • Game room
  • And much more...


Learn more about our developments in Yucatan and the Mexican Caribbean and invest in the option that best suits you according to your likes and needs. 

  1. Source: https://www.jornada.com.mx/
  2. 1. A system where rooms can be locked off into independent units.


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